Mitsuya Koto Collection Guzheng (Made in Japan) みつや琴

Mitsuya Koto Collection Guzheng (Made in Japan) みつや琴
Item# Mitsuya01

Product Description

Mitsuya Koto

Body Construction:
air-dried 60 year old carved out Aizu paulownia body, seamless connection with bottom board and Siamese Rosewood frame

Siamese rosewood bridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, 2-piece matching stands, chromatic tuner, spare 1-7 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual

Sound Characteristics:
Crystal Clear, Delicate, Rich, Dynamic, Balanced, Full and Resonant


This guzheng is made by the well-respected Japanese instrument maker Mitsuya Koto. Mitsuya Koto is known for their specialty in making bigger size koto. The family has a long tradition of making big number string zithers.

They made the famous 80-string koto for Michio Miyagi in 1929.

Since 2011, Mitsuya Koto has collaborated with Dunhuang to make the most high-end guzheng. Currently, Mitsuya Koto has two grades of guzheng available. The concert grade is made using 30-50-year old paulownia soundboard carved with straight sound grooves and seamless connection to the bottom board. The collection grade is made using 50-70 year old paulownia soundboard carved with V-shape sound grooves and seamless connection to the bottom board.

This one is the top most grade that is carved out from a 60-year-old paulownia tree from the Aizu region. The tree was air-dried for 5 years. Please take a look at the beautiful grains of this Aizu paulownia. The carved out body is seamless connected to the bottom board. The back of the soundboard is hand carved with V-shape sound grooves witch makes the sound spreads out evenly instead of forced out from the sound holes. The side is decorated with Siamese rosewood frame to give an extra sweetness in the tone.

This guzheng is equipped with Dunhuang professional B strings and concert collection grade Siamese rosewood bridges. Sound of China professional hand carved each bridge tip to fit each string.

The sound of this guzheng is crystal clear and delicate. The bass is undoubtfully the best in the world. The high is bright and sweet with long ring, and it's arguably the best in the world or comparable to elite Dunhuang's high range. The transition is even and solid across the strings, definitely has the best even transition among all

This guzheng is hand selected by our professional Yukina at the Mitsuya Koto. All the bridges and strings are fine-tuned and adjusted to ensure the best sound quality.

みつや琴 光安(炫光)日本制收藏级演奏古筝


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みつや琴 光安日本制收藏级演奏古筝

附赠板式筝架、古筝专用调音器、软包、指甲及其他配件 此台光安古筝由Yukina亲自挑选整音,音色完美,欢迎来店试音!