Dunhuang Yun 57" Concert Travel Size Burmese Rosewood Guzheng 894SN "Antiquity"

Dunhuang Yun 57" Concert Travel Size Burmese Rosewood Guzheng 894SN "Antiquity"
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Product Description

Dunhuang Yun

Body Construction:
Travel-size 57" single-piece oven-dried paulownia soundboard & backboard and Burma Rosewood frame

rosewood bridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, 2-piece matching stands, chromatic tuner, spare 1-7 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual

Sound Characteristics:
Sweet, Mellow and Warm

Concert Travel

894SN "Antiquity" is a custom-made model from Dunhuang factory for Sound of China Guzheng Music. It's co-designed by Master Tian Jianzhen and Sound of China professional. It is always a dream of guzheng players to have a more compact size guzheng, yet retain the capability and sound quality of the full size guzheng.

This guzheng is 57" long (145cm), 7 inches shorter than the standard full-size. We use three level back bridges instead of the S-curve bridge. The string length is exactly the same as the full size. Thus, the strings can have the same tension as the full-size. We are able to cut 7 inches short by minimizing the front side tuning box and the tail decoration part. As a result, it has an ancient look with no excess decoration. We called it "Antiquity".

The soundboard is selected from concert grade paulownia pieces. The frame uses Burmese Rosewood that gives a sweet and rich voice.

This guzheng comes in two models. The standard pentatonic scale that is just like all other guzheng. It is also available in diatonic scale that's versatile in playing non-Chinese music. Please take a look at the youtube video to see the difference in the scales.

This model has 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. It comes with a 2-piece stands, Musedo Guzheng Chromatic tuner, finger picks, cleaning brush, pitch tuner. It is the whole package that leads you to enjoy playing. We provide set-up instruction that's easy to follow. Help on set-up and playing is always offered
over the phone or the internet free of charge.

敦煌韵牌酸枝木145cm缅酸枝旅行演奏筝894SN 返璞归真
此筝为演奏级别的旅行筝,筝长1米45,采用敦煌上海式烘烤泡桐面底板,缅酸枝边板。音色甜美清亮,有5声音阶及7声音阶2种型式。附赠A字架、 古筝专用调音器、软包、指甲及其他配件

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