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Welcome to Sound of Asia! We are a musical instrument company based in Los Angeles, California, USA. We specialized in Asian musical instruments. Here you will find all you need on Asian zither instruments including the Guzheng, the Guqin, the Koto, the Kayagum, and the Dan Tranh. We also carry other Asian instruments such as erhu, pipa and dan bau. We offer Asian instruments, accessories and learning materials such as texbooks, CDs, and Videos. We work closely with the instrument makers to best fulfill your need. All our instruments are directly from the makers that you will find them 50%-70% off the market prices. If you can't find what you need here, please contact us at info@soundofasia.com .

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Featured Products

Professional 12-string Kayagum
Regular price: $579.00
Sale price: $549.00
Professional Komungo
17-string Professional Dan Tranh
Dunhuang African Padauk Guzheng 696D

Grade: Intermediate
Dunhuang 689E Rosewood Guzheng "High Mountain Flowing Water"

Grade: Advance Basic

 53" Travel-Size Rosewood Guzheng "Prasing Lotus"
唐韻紅木旅行箏 "賞荷"

Grade: Travel
Janggu - Korean Hourglass Drum Size 1.7
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $175.00
Intermediate Dunhuang Pipa
L+R Professional Guzheng Picks with Grooves (Natural Material)
thick, well-filed smooth edges
 Professional Guzheng Picks - Natural Material
Dunhuang Standard Grade Erhu
6 Ft. 13-string Standard Grade Koto
Regular price: $1,150.00
Sale price: $999.00
Nagauta Karin Shamisen
Regular price: $880.00
Sale price: $850.00
Professional Shanghai Dunhuang Rosewood Sanxian
Professional Dan Nhi with Inlay by Thanh
Sound of China Guzheng with Chinese Painting "Bamboo & Orchid"

Grade: Basic

This model is back-ordered. Please allow 12 weeks for delivery.
Dunhuang Yun Collection Thailand Rosewood Guzheng with F-Sound Holes 895O

Grade: Collection
Regular price: $2,268.00
Sale price: $2,168.00
Collection Dongyun Guzheng Model#102 "Colorful Clouds at the Moon Palace"

Grade: Collection
Regular price: $2,200.00
Sale price: $1,999.00
Dunhuang Yun Collection Violet Sandalwood Erhu
Regular price: $750.00
Sale price: $600.00
Dunhuang Professional Burma Padauk Erhu
Regular price: $180.00
Sale price: $149.00
Professional Aged Chinese Fir Guqin
Regular price: $499.00
Sale price: $480.00
Collection Dunhuang Yun Rosewood Pipa
Regular price: $999.00
Sale price: $899.00
Concert Aged Chinese Fir Guqin - Zheng He Style
Regular price: $960.00
Sale price: $900.00
Dan Ty Ba with Inlay Vietanmese Lute Musical Instrument